Design Portfolio

Love, Dance, and Egg Rolls

I had the great privilege of creating the book cover and jacket for Jason Tanamor’s YA title, Love, Dance & Egg Rolls, published by Ooligan Press. This novel needed a vibrant cover that would match the exciting Filipino dance, Tinikling, which is central to the book. I went through several drafts and mock ups for this cover to get it just right. I also illustrated additional assets like the egg rolls on the back cover and other marketing collateral used to promote the book.  

This is the final and complete book jacket I designed that was ultimately printed. I made almost everything from scratch, including a custom font made to look like handwriting and give it a young, earnest feel.

These two images were early concepts and drafts I was working on before we landed on the final Love, Dance & Egg Rolls cover. While these two showed promise and were very fun to make, the final version was chosen as it best matched the tone and content of this YA title. 

Extreme Vetting

These were final concept drafts for a thriller title published by Ooligan Press. In this novel, an immigrant family is fighting to keep their family and home together against the forces of an unjust immigration system and a greedy real estate agent after their home. I attempted to convey the threat of white supremacy with the hand picking up the house.

Continuum: French Science Fiction Short Stories

 These were final concept drafts for a collection of short science fiction stories translated from French and published by Ooligan Press. Some of the key visual elements that were requested in this cover brief included nature, DNA, and a cool color palette.