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Developmental Editing

What You Get: A personalized and in-depth analysis (between 7 and 10 pages) of your manuscript that considers larger structural components such as characterization, tone, worldbuilding, plot, organization, and more. I specialize in the following genres, though I am open to most works: fantasy, romance, sci-fi, young adult, mystery.

Rate: $46 per hour 

How it works: Submit the first 10 to 15 pages of your manuscript to me along with a cover letter detailing your goals as an author, a synopsis of the book, your current word count, the genre(s), and when you would ideally need feedback by.  

Book Cover Design

What You Get: A complete and finalized book cover in a illustrative style. Ideally best suited for Young Adult titles or other genre fiction like fantasy, sci-fi, etc. 

Rate: TBD depending on the project’s specifics

How it works: Submit a cover letter with a synopsis of your book. Include major themes, the genre, key visual elements you might want included (like if there’s a special sword or a recurring landscape mark in the story), and what kind of mood or tone you want to strike. After some discussion to nail down the key ideas, I will provide two or three rough concepts to choose from to develop the final product.   

Annotated Bibliography Research

What You Get: A thoroughly researched and trustworthy annotated bibliography. Each citation will include a brief description of its relevance to your project. These can be useful for getting the ball rolling on a new project and familiarizing yourself with what’s already been investigated and said about a subject.

Rate: $46 per hour

How it works: Submit a message detailing your research question and your goals with the project. Then we’ll discuss additional details to make sure I understand what you’re looking for.   


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